Saturday, August 4, 2007

Barisan Nasional escalator

This escalator leading up to the overhead footbridge in front of the Dang Wangi, Kelana Line LRT station and the one on the opposide side of Jalan Ampang in Kuala Lumpur has been a Barisan Nasional escalator for over a year.
"What's a Barisan Nasional escalator," you ask. Well it's an escalator which does not work.
The public transport system must be user friendly to young and old alike, as well as the disabled and climbing up and down stairs isn't easy for the elderly and nigh impossible for the disabled, yet the escalators of this important link between the Kelana Line LRT station and the Bukit Nanas monorail station has not been working for over a year and nothing has been done about it, in true Barisan Nasional fashion.
In fact, it was more convenient just to walk up the road till the pedestrian crossing at main junction with Jalan Sultan Ismail and cross the road safely or to just cross Jalan Ampang, which isn't that busy during off-peak periods but now they've put a divider stopping pedestrians from crossing the Jalan Ampang and at the same time have done nothing about the non-functional escalators. That's the Barisan Nasional government for you.
Also, the lift for physically impaired people at the Back of KL Sentral is out of service more frequently these days and these Barisan Nasional city planners thought that walking down a long flight of stairs is "fun" for a elderly people.
They should have installed up and down escalators or more accurately, the Barisan Nasional government should have required by regulation that public facilities like railway stations, as well as any public building have up and down escalators, lifts which work and ramps for the disabled.
So if you want more misery, vote Barisan Nasional in the upcoming general elections. If you want happiness, vote Parti Sosialis Malaysia, DAP, PAS or PKR.

Saturday, July 28, 2007


For 50 years, we've suffered Alliance and Barisan Nasional rule.

Vote Barisan Nasional for more of the above.